Youth Participation Rights (2007)

Funded by:  European Commission (EU)

 Country/Region: Lebanon/Middle East

Implementing Agency: Permanent Peace Movement (PPM)


Executive Summary: The Permanent Peace Movement was selected as a grant beneficiary for the implementation of the project “Youth Participation Rights”.The proposed project aims at the realization of participation rights of youth (15-18 years) including volunteer youth at risk (out of school marginalized youth) and youth with special needs fron the same age groups, through social empowerment leading to their active participation and their involvement in all decision affecting them in the family, at schools, in institutions and in social life in light of articles 12, 13 and 15 of the convention on the rights of the child and the standard rules on the Equalization of opportunities for persons with disabilities. The project will rely on Advocacy for the rights of youth to express their views, awareness raising of the general public on the participation rights of youth and advocacy for the realization that work with youth at large, marginalized youth and youth with special needs in order to subsequently develop participatory attitudes in youth, and prepare them to give youth a chance of freely and increasingly participate in society and gain democratic skills.