Enabling Events - Economic and Life Skills

This guide was prepared in the framework of the project "juvenile justice" which is implemented by the Permanent Peace Movement, in partnership with the bodies of the pool for children's rights in Lebanon, within the program of "ideas" to support civil society under the Ministry of Administrative Development, with funding from the European Union.
The project includes a series of activities that aim to gain support and support about raising the age of criminal responsibility and capacity building of working with events and promotion of alternative measures.
The objective of this guide is to provide a methodology and reference material intended for coaches to prepare, train and enable events to develop their own project by focusing on Convention Rabaún and monitor the needs of the local market. In order to be able to these coaches the transfer of knowledge and skills in providing training for the target group, including contributing to the empowerment, and develop their abilities and performance, so that you can use the directory with the modifications that are commensurate with the potential participants and their circumstances and needs.

This is a summary of many of the directory workshops for juvenile justice, which was held in six provinces, have participated in these workshops a group of trainers, who are the appearance of movement, Fadi Abi Allam, Robert Nicola, Makhoul Jean, Mohamed Baroudi, Zaki Rifai.