Evaluating the Reality of Civil Society in the Arab World and its Role in the Forum of the Future 2009

This book presents with it a set of evaluation studies that formed the focus of debate and deepened in a conference of experts and researchers for this purpose in Lebanon from 23 to 25 October / October 2009, which was released on the impact of appeal Beirut on the role of civil society in making democratic transitions, wherethe call to create a space regional comprises activists and civil society representatives in the region Aerbouaph and a framework timekeeper and an effective mechanism to promote the principle of democratic dialogue between the components of this community as well as other institutions and framework to meet with the experiences of various peoples and the prospect for dialogue conscious and the perceived need for human communication creative, guaranteeing peace, justice and freedomfor all people.
We hope to contribute to this book various contents in the manufacture of democratic transformation in the region and strengthen its partnership with other sectors of government and the private sector and through also emulate the path of Forum for the Future, which is a unique opportunity to strengthen the partnership of civil society and make it a partner in the political decision-making and making vision of the future required for democracy in region.