Together to build a participatory budget for municipalities

This survey was carried out on a sample of 247 respondents represented to the people Magdlb'ana. It withdrew its statistical sample according to the specifications, to represent all areas of the municipality has adopted a random sampling method. The poll carried out in the field during the month of January 2009, by conducting individual interviews. 
The proportion of confidence in this poll 95% and a margin of error does not exceed 5%. 
This survey aims to identify the priorities that should be the focus of the municipality as seen people Magdbana, also aims to identify the most important problems which the people of the town is that the treatment must be the top priority. 
The survey also aims to assess the performance of municipal citizens in general and municipal municipal performance in some policies such as the adoption of the budget, approval of the bidding, the decisions to acquire, land sale decisions, associations and institutions, support and taxation. 
One of the most important topics touched her survey, identify the extent of communication between municipal with the people Magdbana and extent of their participation in the preparation of the municipal budget on the one hand and their participation in the development of their town on the other hand. 
Respondents consisted of 69.31% males and 31.32% females and the age between 18 and 88 years old.