Farah Loubnan adopt a School (2008)

Funded by:  UNICEF

Country/Region: Lebanon/Middle East

Implementing Agency: Permanent Peace Movement (PPM)

Implementing Partner:  Un Ponte Per

Overall development goal: The project focused on proliferation of children rights, with a particular focus on Lebanon’s Hermel region                                                                                          

Project objective:

       i.          Improvement of basic physical conditions in schools (with a special emphasis on water and sanitary hygiene)


      ii.           Enhancement of school administrators’ and teachers’ educational, pedagogical and managerial capacity and skills (supported by provision of sets of selected curriculum-related materials, educational toys for young children and libraries)


     iii.           Mobilization of the community initiative using schools as entry points towards a more interested and committed participation of parents, local authorities and NGOs in promoting local development.