Training of Trainers Course for Youth Empowerment

The Permanent Peace Movement organizes in partnership with the Association of "idea" and in collaboration with the Higher Council for Childhood, a training course instructors to the official launch of cooperation between the various associations and centers in Lebanon as part of a project entitled "Paths of democracy and empower young people in Lebanon". This project is United Nations Fund for Democracy.

Open session on Thursday morning, September 5th at 9:30 am and will continue until Sunday, September 7, in Hotel Cosmopolitan - City Rama, in Dikwaneh - Horch Tabet.


The project aims to promote the practice of democracy in Lebanon by ensuring the participation of young people in public life without discrimination, and by enabling them socially and rehabilitation of civil society. Meet in the framework of this session representatives from 18 non-governmental organizations concerned with youth and 12 centers belonging to the Ministry of Social Affairs of the various Lebanese areas for capacity building through training of trainers methodology.